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Belgium: Citadelle Week



The new El Dorado of gin, where people love their gin & tonic among other good things, Belgium is endlessly inventive in finding new ways of enjoying gin, for the greater pleasure of consumers. In 2013, our Belgian distributor The Nectar came up with the idea of a gin journey of the senses with Citadelle gin. Stimulating a burst of unbridled creativity, its initiative was crowned with success, now enshrined in 2014 as Citadelle Week.

Acknowledged connoisseurs, Belgians were able to take part in a week-long round of festivities in a number of cities, experiencing the infinite subtleties of Citadelle gin during the course of an evening. The events were orchestrated by talented bartenders at the Old Fashioned in Ghent, the Apereau in Blankenberge, Bar Bounce in Antwerp and the Thon Hotel in Brussels. Their signature Citadelle-based cocktails will long remain in the memories of those who tried them.

Smell, touch, sight and taste are part of Citadelle Week’s genetic makeup. During each evening, the participants are invited to discover Citadelle gin’s distinctive spices in different ways.

At each event, the entrance is fragrant with the scent of essential oils extracted from the spices used in Citadelle gin, immediately inviting the participants in Citadelle Week to set out on their journey.

The spices are laid out for the guests to handle: what do green cardamom, iris and star anise look and feel like?

Great attention is paid to the visual aspect of food and cocktail combinations, the prelude to taste and a vital element of seduction. The canapés look inviting and the cocktails appeal to our imagination, like the “Bouquet de Citadelle”, the perfect image of a flower garden, invented by Jeroen Van Hecke at the Apereau.

After the initial awakening of the senses, this is the heart of the matter: the act of tasting, from marinated salmon to cocktails. Each guest can also experience the taste of individual spices in jellies made with those used in Citadelle gin.
The taste experience runs the whole gamut of sweet and savoury, bitter and sour because, as Belgians have come to understand, Citadelle offers an inexhaustible range of flavours and a great deal of pleasure!

Citadelle Week will take place from 22 to 25 September 2014.


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