Citadelle Gin

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Veering into the worlds of rum, brandy and Sherry production, Citadelle Gin, owned by Cognac Ferrand, launched what it claimed was the world’s first solera-aged gin.

Citadelle Gin Reserve 2013 Solera is an aged gin created in the traditional solera process, whereby liquid is matured for varied amounts of time in different barrels.

To make the expression, original batches of Citadelle Gin are placed in three different types of casks – a Cognac cask, Pineau des Charente and American oak – for between two and five months. Once this process is complete, all liquid is put into the “mother solera” where it is married and then bottled. The “mother solera” is only ever half emptied in order to maintain flavour consistency.

Cask-aged gin is nothing new, but serial innovator Citadelle has broken new ground with this expression

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