Citadelle Gin

Citadelle Alchemy

Alchemy was an ancestral
practice as old as mankind.


Fire, the most powerful of all the elements. From earliest times, humans felt its power, and its ability to transform materials from one thing into something completely different.  Alchemists, locked in their laboratories, experimented with fire and time and heated metals to see what would happen. They wrote down their results about the transformations that took place.

Parcelso, one of the most prestigious alchemists in the world said “As flowers cannot bloom before May or the grain mature before harvest neither is possible to enclose the time of experience.” Alchemists understood that results depended on the time dedicated to achieve them.

Citadelle takes its cue from alchemists and is distilled with time, an unusual concept when making gin. Citadelle is unique in the world due to its slow distillation method over a naked flame under its small pot stills, the same ones used for the notorious Ferrand production.  Its taste is a direct result of time and fire: Citadelle transforms a carefully chosen selection of 19 botanicals with a masterful use of flame to produce what is in the bottle today.

The alchemists of times gone by understood the power of fire and time.

Citadelle turns fire and time into gin.

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