Citadelle Gin

Juniper Berry

The spirit of gin


When you think of gin, the first flavor that comes to mind (we hope!) is juniper.  It is the very essence of most gins on the market (except for a few that veer off the gin spectrum, trying to be different) and it is the cornerstone botanical in Citadelle gin. Citadelle also includes 18 additional botanicals that are chosen specifically to enhance the juniper (around the distillery, we affectionately call juniper ‘the King of all botanicals’).  Alexandre Gabriel goes to great lengths – and to the ends of the earth – to source the absolute best botanicals and for juniper berries, he turns to Croatia.  “There I’ve found the best juniper berries for Citadelle, when fully ripe, they are a

sight and smell to behold and perfection for Citadelle”, says Gabriel. “We don’t allow any juniper berries to sit around the distillery from year to year“.
We distill Citadelle ‘seasonally’ from March to November and we never use last year’s juniper berries.” For Citadelle, the juniper berries as well as the supporting botanicals are individually cold-infused – which is like cold-pressing olives for oil – to ensure that each botanical’s ‘personality’ is fully realized. “I am such a perfectionist when it comes to the botanicals we use that I’m even toying with the idea of growing juniper trees on our farm here in the Maison Ferrand,” says Gabriel. Spirits producer, juniper grower…it’s all in a day’s work for Gabriel.

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