Citadelle Gin


Gin & tonic is the
king of  all drinks in Spain


In Spain, the bartender doesn’t ask you what you want to drink, he asks you how you want your gin and tonic prepared. This simplest of drinks – just gin, tonic, ice and a garnish – is considered the national drink of Spain and enjoyed by everyone, whether they’re 21 or 80, whether they live in Spain or are visiting. The trend started in the north of Spain, in Basque country, where you can walk into a bar and upon ordering the national drink you are presented with a cart teeming with gin and tonic options to create your very own.

As Citadelle Gin was one of the first gin to be swept up in this cocktail wave, it has enjoyed being one of the top selling gins in Spain for years and more likely than not, your drink will be a Citadelle Gin & Tonic. And this drink will NOT be served in a tall, skinny glass with mediocre ice. No, no, no! This is where the fanfare comes in!

First your bartender pulls out a super large balloon glass (the shape enhances the gin’s aromas) and fills it with large dense ice cubes (so they melt slowly in your drink), then he stirs in the gin and tops with tonic and finally he chooses just the right garnish, one that will complement the botanicals of the gin.

In the case of Citadelle, made with 19 botanicals and very juniper-forward, the garnish could be some grated nutmeg or cinnamon, lemon peel or even a licorice stick! For a drink with only two ingredients, the flavor potential is awesome. Not to rest on their laurels, the Basques are now experimenting with adding bitters to the drink… and the trend is taking off in the rest of Spain again.  With more than 310 gin brands now available in Spain and more than 30 types of tonic, there isn’t a better place to drink a cool, refreshing Gin & Tonic than beautiful Spain. Saludos!

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