Citadelle Gin, THE french gin.

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The family home.

The Château de Bonbonnet is our family home where all are welcome.

Citadelle Septembre-758
CitadelleGin-Manifesto-02992 (1)
Citadelle Septembre-758
CitadelleGin-Manifesto-02992 (1)

Every Citadelle member is “at home” here, whether they live in the region or are taking a break between trips around the world.

This is where we share our discoveries and exchange ideas about our next creations, with no limits on our imaginations.

A place for minds and spirits.

At the château, we go from a coffee in the kitchen to a meeting in the living room/library, before taking a stroll through the summer garden to watch the melons grow and the lemons ripen.

Citadelle Original Gin De France  Chateau de Bonbonnet
The French art de vivre The French art de vivre

This is also where we welcome our extended family made of spirits merchants and bartenders.

They come to visit our distillery and taste our latest creations. They never seem to mind staying for a barbecue, or taking a dip in the fountain as well!

Team Juniper.

Whenever new members join our team of enthusiasts, they plant their own juniper trees.

They bear their names and grow in the fields opposite the Château. The ritual is yet another way to contribute to the Citadelle story.

CitadelleGin-Manifesto-04142 (2)

A table for friendship.

When our sales team arrives on the last train or our workers finish up at the distillery, all can gather for an oyster & gin apéro.

Gin-tonic Art

Most have mastered the art of making a “gin-to”, Citadelle & tonic, but they know they have to keep an eye on the table…

Little Tom, our cat and mascot, loves to jump up and steal a little piece of prime rib. Watch out next time you visit us!


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