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Citadelle Limited editions

The Citadelle Extrêmes range – creativity in gin

Citadelle Extrêmes explore the creative possibilities of gin in small batch limited editions.

Each season, master blender Alexandre Gabriel and his team of intrepid enthusiasts give their curiosity free rein by experimenting with unexpected ingredients. An invitation to discover new territories of flavor.



Juniper as far as the eye can see!

We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary with an exquisite new limited edition. Citadelle Gin Juniper Décadence is a homage to the juniper trees that grow naturally in the Charentes terroir, and that we cultivate in front of the Château de Bonbonnet.

It’s an ode to the historical practice of ageing gin in wood. We innovate on this theme by maturing our signature recipe with its 19 botanicals in small juniper wood barrels for a month. The smokiness of the wood amplifies the fresh, herbal notes of Citadelle Original. For a flavor worthy of our 25th anniversary, we custom designed these barrels with a conical shape and 100L capacity. Citadelle Juniper Décadence is a toast to the pioneer of French gin since 1996!

On the palate

Silky and oily, with a bittersweet and smoky profile on juniper, pepper, coconut, ginger and nutmeg. Camphor, angelica, cinnamon, anise, licorice, cypress and celery become more and more present as the flavors unfold.

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